“Another milestone in the nuclear energy world: GEATOP and GEOFIT conquer fusion with F4E”.

“Another milestone in the nuclear energy world: GEATOP and GEOFIT conquer fusion with F4E”.

“Innovation and Excellence Serving Nuclear Fusion – A Partnership Destined to Exceed Every Expectation!”


We are thrilled to announce that Geatop S.r.l. has recently been awarded the Framework Contract for the tender named ‘Provision of an Acquisition Channel for Metrology Equipment and Software’ organized by the Spanish company European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (F4E). The assignment involves providing technical consulting and assistance in the procurement and maintenance of instruments, accessories, software, and rentals (equipment and test bench facilities) used within the metrological sector, representing its core functions.

The project will span four years, commencing this current year and continuing until 2027. This invaluable opportunity allows us to directly serve such a prestigious and renowned client in one of the sectors – nuclear fusion – in which historically our company has been seeking and achieving excellent results.

We are determined to strengthen our commitment to excellence and ensure that every aspect of our service reflects the values of quality, precision, and reliability that define us, presenting a new and vast space in which to develop and refine our skills, always aiming to put the customer at the forefront through dedicated and top-performing service.

Our overarching ambition is to become a leader in the metrological sector. We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but we are prepared to face them with passion, innovation, and dedication. We are confident that with our consistent commitment, we will meet F4E’s needs, setting new standards in the industry.”


“This pioneering partnership promises to redefine the standards of excellence in the field of nuclear fusion, highlighting Geatop and Geofit S.a. unwavering commitment to surpassing every expectation and exploring new horizons in technological innovation!

Keep following us to stay updated on the progress of this significant partnership… We will continue to ‘measure up’ to ever-new challenges!”




“Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo together for the business-minded development of the region”

“Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo together for the business-minded development of the region”

“Synergistic Growth: Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo Together to Foster Business Innovation in the Region”


We are pleased to announce that Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo have reached an agreement aimed at enhancing and supporting the activities of the associated businesses. This partnership represents a significant step towards fostering development and innovation within the entrepreneurial fabric of the region.

The combination of skills and resources from both organizations will enable us to offer more innovative solutions and high-quality services, with the aim of supporting businesses in achieving their commercial objectives. Together, we aim to create an environment conducive to innovation, training, and business development, promoting competitiveness and sustainability in the current economic context.

We look to the future with confidence and determination, aware that this collaboration will mark a new chapter of growth and success for businesses in the region. We will continue to focus on excellence and innovation, maintaining our commitment to support the local economy and promote the sustainable development of the associated businesses.