31 Jan, 2024

“Geatop: Shaping the Future - Precision Surveying for Amazon Warehouse in Alessandria"

“Steering the Future of Logistics with Precision and Reliability”


We are pleased to announce that Dematic S.r.l. has entrusted us with the important task of conducting topographic surveys for the new automated warehouse in the Amazon logis


20 Dec, 2023

"Geatop S.r.l. Wishes You a Merry Christmas: Measuring Excellence, Wishing Success!"

“We guarantee precision and quality, wishing everyone a Christmas of excellence!


On this Christmas holiday, the Geatop S.r.l. team would like to express our heartfelt wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you who have m


07 Dec, 2023

Geatop S.r.l. included in the "Italian Nuclear Supply Chain for Small Modular Reactors"

"Geatop S.r.l.: Precision and Innovation in the Italian Nuclear Landscape"


We are pleased to announce that Geatop S.r.l., a leading company in the metrology sector, has been included in the prestigious brochure "ITALIAN NUCLEAR SUPPLY CHAIN


16 Nov, 2023

"Another milestone in the nuclear energy world: GEATOP and GEOFIT conquer fusion with F4E".

"Innovation and Excellence Serving Nuclear Fusion - A Partnership Destined to Exceed Every Expectation!"


We are thrilled to announce that Geatop S.r.l. has recently been awarded the Framework Contract for the tender named 'Provision of an Acqu


23 Oct, 2023

"Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo together for the business-minded development of the region"

"Synergistic Growth: Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo Together to Foster Business Innovation in the Region"


We are pleased to announce that Geatop s.r.l. and Confindustria Cuneo have reached an agreement aimed at enhancing and supporting


05 Sep, 2023

"Our CMM Technology: A Revolution in the Industrial Sector"

"Revolutionize Industrial Metrology with Our CMM Technology: Precision, Efficiency, and Innovation – Join the Future of Measurement Today"

By making the most of the precision and reliability of out CMMs, we are able to precisely measure and rec


22 May, 2023

SG Survey: Enterprise network


On 26 April 2023, the SG Survey was officially born, a business network at the service of companies engaged in the construction of major works.Mission of SG Survey to provide a professional and innovative topogr


21 Apr, 2023

Topographic surveys and hydraulic modeling of the rivers of the Northern Apennines

GEATOP S.r.l. conquers Tuscany and Liguria

The temporary grouping of companies consisting of: Hydrodata S.p.a., Geatop S.r.l., Ing. Dario Tricoli, Hydrogeo Ingegneria S.r.l., DHI s.r.l., Art Ambiente Risorse Territorio S.r.l., Hera S.r.l. and Geo


21 Mar, 2023

GEATOP meets the I.I.S. G. Vallauri Fossano


Case study on a Ciao Piaggio

The world is changing rapidly, and technology plays an increasingly important role in promoting environmental sustainability. It is therefore important that the new generati


23 Nov, 2022


Once again, GEATOP S.r.l. Growth Champions 2023


GEATOP S.r.l. is confirmed for the second consecutive year as "Growth Champions 2023" according to "Il Sole 24 ore" and Statista. The data on the turnover of companies is c


26 Sep, 2022

GEATOP promotes Professional Training

The training in support, what the Anglo-Saxons call "on the job training", has accompanied us for many years and until now has allowed us to grow employees by making them become specialized technicians in the field of applied metrology.

This type


01 Jul, 2022

GEATOP flies to LAS VEGAS at "Hexagon Live Global"

GEATOP has been involved since 2012 as part of the ITER project, the most ambitious and complicated nuclear fusion research project to date, considered the clean energy of the future.

The road to nuclear fusion is still long: the first ignition o


14 May, 2022


"THE BIG LIFT" as it is called is the first lifting that took place at the ITER construction site located in Cadarache - France of the first sector of the Vacuum Vessel (VV) that completes the first piece for the construction of an experimental re


09 May, 2022

Opened of the new laboratory of Applied Metrology

Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April was held the opening ceremony of the new metrology laboratory located in - Via Propanotto, 8 12037, Saluzzo (CN) –

High was the turnout of visitors and curious about what was hidden inside a state-of-the-art "CCR -


16 Mar, 2022

Inauguration of new Geatop's Metrological Laboratory

8-9 April 2022

Geatop srl and Hexagon Italia has the pleasure to invite you to the inauguration of the new Geatop's headquarters and to a live event dedicated to the dimensional control and reverse engineering technologies.

Geatop srl, Hexagon's


19 Nov, 2021


GEATOP Metrology was ranked by "Il Sole24Ore" and "Statista" among the 450 italian companies "Leader della Crescita 2022"! This is an analysis of the business growth in the period 2017-2020, carried out taking in consideration more than 8000 compa


19 Sep, 2021

Start of the final assembly of the first Vacuum Vessel sector in Europe

Since 2013 GEATOP S.r.l. has been working together with Westinghouse/Mangiarotti (Monfalcone - Italy) on the I.T.E.R. project, as far as metrology is concerned, to manufacture the Vacuum Vessel sectors.
It is also a pleasure for us to witness t..

16 Sep, 2021

Reverse Engineering

From the real object to the 3D digitalization of the model.
The reverse engineering (in italian “ingegneria inversa”) is the process that allows to link the two different Master and Target processes, and minimize the matching errors between..

16 Sep, 2021

Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600

We are pleased to say that GEATOP S.R.L. keeps investing every year. In fact, we have a new fantastic Hexagon laser tracker Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600.
It is the first Laser Tracker with integrated direct scan, which allows to get a scan of ..

16 Sep, 2021

Metrological Laboratory

Thanks to the work of the whole GEATOP team during these years and the continuous pressure from our customer, pushing us to better ourselves every day, we are proud to announce that the new Metrological Laboratory – Geatop Lab - is now open in S..