SG Survey: Enterprise network

SG Survey: Enterprise network


On 26 April 2023, the SG Survey was officially born, a business network at the service of companies engaged in the construction of major works.Mission of SG Survey to provide a professional and innovative topographical assistance service extended to the whole Italian territory.A working group made up of qualified technicians working on site supported by two back office structures.


To respond to a growing demand for qualified technicians, GEATOP srl and STN combine their skills to give rise to a new flexible, streamlined and highly innovative operating reality, the keyword is network.

 Qualified human resources and cutting-edge equipment are the recipe for success.

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Topographic surveys and hydraulic modeling of the rivers of the Northern Apennines

Topographic surveys and hydraulic modeling of the rivers of the Northern Apennines

GEATOP S.r.l. conquers Tuscany and Liguria

The temporary grouping of companies consisting of: Hydrodata S.p.a., Geatop S.r.l., Ing. Dario Tricoli, Hydrogeo Ingegneria S.r.l., DHI s.r.l., Art Ambiente Risorse Territorio S.r.l., Hera S.r.l. and Geocoste S.n.c.) was entrusted with the service of: «Campaign of topographic surveys of hydrographic sections and alluvial areas and development of hydraulic modeling on the main network of the Northern Apennines District Basin».

The hydraulic modeling will be aimed at updating the river flood hazard map of the FRMP (Flood Risk Management Plan).

As part of the grouping, our company will take care of the part relating to topographic surveys.

The topographic survey will involve various measurement technologies. In combination with terrestrial instruments GPS antennas, total stations, digital levels and laser scanner surveys, Lidar and aerial photogrammetic survey campaigns will be carried out as well as bathymetry sessions with boats and drones equipped with echo sounders.

We will start with the reliefs in Tuscany with the Arno River, which is the second major river of peninsular Italy and all its tributaries, the rivers Elsa, Ombrone, Bisenzio, Terzolle, Mugnone. We will go further north and measure the Serchio, Lima and Versilia rivers. We will reach Liguria Magra, Parmignola, Arroscia, Lerrone and Graveglia. Along our route of about 350 km we will meet various artifacts of historical and cultural importance such as Ponte Vecchio and Ponte dell’Indiano in Florence and many others.



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GEATOP meets the I.I.S. G. Vallauri Fossano

GEATOP meets the I.I.S. G. Vallauri Fossano


Case study on a Ciao Piaggio

The world is changing rapidly, and technology plays an increasingly important role in promoting environmental sustainability. It is therefore important that the new generations develop advanced skills in the field of engineering and technology, and that they acquire an ever greater awareness of issues related to the environment

It is in this that the project developed by the students of the I.I.S. Vallauri di Fossano is so important. Thanks to the use of the AT960 laser tracker combined with the Leica Absolute Scanner “LAS”, in collaboration with Geatop S.r.l. the students were able to acquire precise data on the structure of the frame of an old Piaggio Ciao scooter, and use them to design a new configuration of the electric motor, making the vehicle completely zero emissions.

But this project is much more than just a scooter conversion: it is a concrete example of how technology can be used to promote environmental sustainability and to teach students the advanced technical skills needed to develop innovative and creative solutions to environmental problems.

Furthermore, the project demonstrates how collaboration between schools and industry can lead to concrete and useful results for the community. The AT960 laser tracker is a precision instrument also used by large companies for the development of innovative products, but here it was used for a school project for the benefit of the local community.

In this age in which environmental sustainability is an increasingly central theme, this project demonstrates that it is possible to combine a passion for technology with social and environmental responsibility, and that technology can be used to create a better future for everyone.



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Once again, GEATOP S.r.l. Growth Champions 2023


GEATOP S.r.l. is confirmed for the second consecutive year as “Growth Champions 2023” according to “Il Sole 24 ore” and Statista. The data on the turnover of companies is collected by Statista, a German website among the leaders in data providing in the economic field.

“Growth Champions 2023” is the list of the 500 Italian companies that have achieved the highest growth rate – from 2018 to 2021–The growth rate calculation is based on turnover data. This ranking compiled by Statista had to meet a number of requirements including a minimum size, verification that compound revenue growth over the three-year period was predominantly organic, and the independence of the company.

Geatop srl is the only company in the metrological field in the Cuneo area present in the list at 255th position, with a compound growth rate of 36.13%, confirming itself as an innovative and rapidly growing company.

The growth of the company is also clearly visible in the number of employees: the company has in fact gone from having 12 employees in 2018 to 40 employees at the end of 2021.

We are very proud and satisfied with this recognition obtained for the work done in recent years, the greatness of this company is measured by the quality of our services by the professionalism of each of our workers.

Among the top for growth we congratulate Eviso S.p.a. with a growth of 30.95% and Monge & C S.p.a. with a growth of 18.30%.

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GEATOP promotes Professional Training

GEATOP promotes Professional Training

The training in support, what the Anglo-Saxons call “on the job training”, has accompanied us for many years and until now has allowed us to grow employees by making them become specialized technicians in the field of applied metrology.

This type of training is among the most effective, you learn by seeing it done and trying to put the teachings into practice.

“This type of training approach, although very valid, has some shortcomings” – explains GEATOP’s Training and Project Manager, Davide Audifredi – “it lacks a 360° training plan and didactic material, in fact, when training is done side-by-side, it is the project itself that dictates the topics, risking to focus only on what is presented in front of us, thus excluding useful themes and arguments, which however, at that moment are not necessary to the performance of the activity.”

This is why GEATOP has set up an professional training program for all its employees.

An articulated didactic program that ranges from the basic themes of the field of measurement and applied metrology, the history of metrology itself, the use and reading of the main manual instruments and PCMM, the use of geometric tolerances and reading of technical drawings and safety at work.

These are just a few of the topics that are featured in our dedicated educational training program for our employees.

“We want to maintain a high standard of quality in our services and that is why we are committed to and continue to invest in training. It is essential that everyone has the skills and knowledge to be able to guarantee our Clients the quality of service they are used to receiving from the GEATOP name.  ” continues Audifredi.

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GEATOP flies to LAS VEGAS at “Hexagon Live Global”

GEATOP flies to LAS VEGAS at “Hexagon Live Global”

GEATOP has been involved since 2012 as part of the ITER project, the most ambitious and complicated nuclear fusion research project to date, considered the clean energy of the future.

The road to nuclear fusion is still long: the first ignition of Iter is expected in 2025, the experimentation of which will end in 2035 when 10 times more energy than that invested to start the fusion process itself will be obtained; the next step will be the construction, in 2050, of Demo, the last experimental reactor that will be built to definitively approach the construction of production reactors scheduled for the second half of the 21st century.

Also in Italy we are proceeding with experimentation in the field of nuclear fusion, through the construction of a mini reactor whose results will be decisive for the operation of Iter and Demo; this reactor, called “Dtt”, will be built in Frascati, and its design phase is currently underway.

Also in this case GEATOP is and will be in the front row, having been chosen, as a leading company in the field of metrology in the nuclear fusion field, for the realization of all the procedures and technical specifications concerning dimensional control.

The search for a new clean energy source is certainly essential, but GEATOP’s commitment is not limited to contributing to these ambitious projects; through its work, in fact, it provides support to industries operating in this sector, and not only, to reduce waste related to the manufacture of various components.

The metrological control applied from the very early stages of the project and throughout the production chain allows to reduce non-conformities and consequently the reworking that would produce waste, also in terms of energy.

Also, GEATOP is increasingly involved in automation projects, through which the risk of errors and waste is further reduced.

To demonstrate this, Andrea Pellegrino, technical director of GEATOP and head of the research and development department, and Luca Peruccio, Project Manager of GEATOP and project manager of the nuclear fusion sector, were invited by Hexagon to Las Vegas as part of the “Hexagon Live Global” international event to hold a conference in which they were able to illustrate some cases of automation application on the Iter project, fully capturing the spirit of the event organized by Hexagon whose commitment to the creation of an autonomous world capable of reducing the waste was confirmed by the president and CEO Ola Rollen in the introductory Keynote of the event.

Andrea Pellegrino and Luca Peruccio, representing GEATOP, thus had the opportunity to bring the name of Saluzzo to the United States, enjoying success for the technologically innovative nature of the solutions illustrated.

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