GEATOP meets the I.I.S. G. Vallauri Fossano

GEATOP meets the I.I.S. G. Vallauri Fossano


Case study on a Ciao Piaggio

The world is changing rapidly, and technology plays an increasingly important role in promoting environmental sustainability. It is therefore important that the new generations develop advanced skills in the field of engineering and technology, and that they acquire an ever greater awareness of issues related to the environment

It is in this that the project developed by the students of the I.I.S. Vallauri di Fossano is so important. Thanks to the use of the AT960 laser tracker combined with the Leica Absolute Scanner “LAS”, in collaboration with Geatop S.r.l. the students were able to acquire precise data on the structure of the frame of an old Piaggio Ciao scooter, and use them to design a new configuration of the electric motor, making the vehicle completely zero emissions.

But this project is much more than just a scooter conversion: it is a concrete example of how technology can be used to promote environmental sustainability and to teach students the advanced technical skills needed to develop innovative and creative solutions to environmental problems.

Furthermore, the project demonstrates how collaboration between schools and industry can lead to concrete and useful results for the community. The AT960 laser tracker is a precision instrument also used by large companies for the development of innovative products, but here it was used for a school project for the benefit of the local community.

In this age in which environmental sustainability is an increasingly central theme, this project demonstrates that it is possible to combine a passion for technology with social and environmental responsibility, and that technology can be used to create a better future for everyone.



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