GEATOP promotes Professional Training

GEATOP promotes Professional Training

The training in support, what the Anglo-Saxons call “on the job training”, has accompanied us for many years and until now has allowed us to grow employees by making them become specialized technicians in the field of applied metrology.

This type of training is among the most effective, you learn by seeing it done and trying to put the teachings into practice.

“This type of training approach, although very valid, has some shortcomings” – explains GEATOP’s Training and Project Manager, Davide Audifredi – “it lacks a 360° training plan and didactic material, in fact, when training is done side-by-side, it is the project itself that dictates the topics, risking to focus only on what is presented in front of us, thus excluding useful themes and arguments, which however, at that moment are not necessary to the performance of the activity.”

This is why GEATOP has set up an professional training program for all its employees.

An articulated didactic program that ranges from the basic themes of the field of measurement and applied metrology, the history of metrology itself, the use and reading of the main manual instruments and PCMM, the use of geometric tolerances and reading of technical drawings and safety at work.

These are just a few of the topics that are featured in our dedicated educational training program for our employees.

“We want to maintain a high standard of quality in our services and that is why we are committed to and continue to invest in training. It is essential that everyone has the skills and knowledge to be able to guarantee our Clients the quality of service they are used to receiving from the GEATOP name.  ” continues Audifredi.

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